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Sharia Huda is a leader in the EdTech space and has dedicated her time in coaching startup founders and corporate professionals about the education ecosystem, digital trends, strategic partnerships and global impact.

Sharia completed her B.A. in Speech and Hearing Sciences from SUNY University at Buffalo, concentrating on accessibility research.

Prior to the corporate world, she began her career as a EdTech specialist at a school for students with learning disabilities.

Sharia researched customized applications based on curriculum needs and designed the EdTech roll-out, including speech to text applications. Sharia traveled to Costa Rica, where she implemented Google VR at a local orphanage, Google Translate for Buddhist monks in Kyoto and audited computer science classrooms in Osaka, Japan.

What’s my story?

Born in Bangladesh, raised by immigrant parents in Queens, New York. Looking back at my childhood, as the eldest daughter of four, I witnessed limited resources, culture, innovation, community and resilience. I am who I am today because of my family, living the American dream. At the age of 7, I began translating doctor appointments for my parents, helping them file their taxes, began working full-time by the age of 16, paid through college on my own while going to school full-time, interning and researching. I’d like to say that I learned project management and leadership, the moment I could breathe.

“There is opportunity to learn everywhere. I can watch a show on Netflix, such as Black Mirror and learn about cybersecurity or stare at a building, analyze and create my own questions!”

– Sharia Huda

I co-organize the NY EdTech Meetup (over 9k members) where I get to meet and connect with entrepreneurs, founders, students, educators, investors, including SXSW, Village Capital, GSV Ventures and StartEd. Latest projects and events I have been part of include ASU+GSV Summit outreach, the Center for Educational Innovation, Forbes8: Mastermind Launch where I co-lead the partnership plan for the forbes8 app, startup pitch day judge for CUNY – Borough of Manhattan Community College, Schema Ventures and DQ Seminar: Co-Creating Inclusive Innovation hosted by World Economic Forum.

Prior to COVID-19 and due to COVID-19, I am currently helping MBA students on their startup pitch decks, along with schools leaders, education organizations globally and industries transition over to hybrid learning and support their strategic business efforts.

Ex: I recently developed a partnership for schools in Haiti that will now enable them to have access to mesh networks. Their education and future workforce development, does not have to be impacted because of access to limited data and resources.

Community building and innovation has been dear to my heart and am very passionate about it. When I am not working, you can find me either lost in the stream of podcasts, listening to up and coming hip hop artists or spending quality time with friends through Jiu-jitsu. I am not that good at it but It’s been a fun journey so far.

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